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How I Eliminated Proposal Management Frustrations and Mistakes

I’ll say it. Proposal coordination and management can be a royal pain in the ass. It’s something I used to struggle with.
It felt like we were flying by the seat of our pants. It seemed like people didn’t get serious until the deadline. All the pieces fell to the last minute and I was left picking them off the floor and shoving them into our proposal. I spent many late nights and holidays trying desperately to get proposals out the door. 
With stuff delivered late, there was no time for proofreading. I’d submit proposals concerned that something goofy was in there. To be honest, it really made my blood pressure boil. 
I didn’t understand why Go/No Go decisions took so long. Here the clock was ticking and the RFP was sitting on someone's desk waiting for a decision. And it seemed like there was nothing I could do about it.  
Editing was also a nightmare. Version control issues and major last minute changes made me crazy. I was always left worrying whether I would even have enough time to put everything together. Couldn’t they see that I just didn’t have an “easy” button to get everything done? And because I didn’t have time to spend being creative with that information, I felt like my ability to contribute was being stolen from me. 
Working with subconsultants was like pulling teeth. It seemed like there was no customization from subs’ materials. And I’d waste countless hours formatting their stuff to match up with our proposal.
Not to mention, engaging the staff was a challenge. I understood they had competing priorities with billable work, but I didn’t know how to keep them on task without getting my head bitten off. 
Worst of all, I didn’t have a strategic plan for managing proposals or the confidence to know I was making the right decisions or giving the right recommendations. 

Nobody wanted to pay $1,000 to send me to a two-day course on proposal management. Heck, I knew I needed help...but even I didn't want to sit through two days at a Best Western trying to stay awake while some consultant yammered on about proposal management. There really wasn't an easy and accessible way for me to get the training I needed. 

So I spent over a decade talking to the best proposal managers in the business, reading every book on the subject, submitting over 1,000 proposals, and learning from my own (often disastrous) mistakes. I even wrote one of the most popular books on proposal development (five out of five stars on

I know many managers and coordinators STILL struggle with the same issues. And I know there STILL isn't an easy and accessible way for them to get the training they need. That's why I developed Proposal Management Mastery, an online, 3-week course on proposal management. And for the first time ever, I've decided to open up my vault of proposal management materials to share with you

Not only am I inviting you to join me for this course, I want to explain exactly what you'll learn in it. 

Core Module: Planning

The Go/No Go Game: Why The Process is Difficult and How The Most Successful Firms Decide Which Contracts To Go After
I'm going to give you unprecedented insight into the Go/No Go Process and explain the truth about it. I'll also give you strategies to get better and quicker Go/No Go decisions from your firm. 

The RFP Roadmap: How To Read The RFP, Create a Cheat Sheet, and Build A Bulletproof Outline
In this video lesson, I show you exactly how to read a request for proposal. I'll also walk you through how to use the RFP to build a powerful proposal cheat sheet.

Parkinson Planning: Get What You Need, When You Need It
In this video lesson, I show you the psychology around proposal planning and scheduling. I take you step-by-step through the development of a more effective proposal schedule and give you the exact scripts to get commitment from your team. 

Core Module: Coordinating and Managing

The Three Point Follow Through: Getting Everyone On The Same Page and Working Together From Kick-Off Through Completion
In this video lesson, I go in depth into kick off meetings and give you a system to make sure the ball keeps rolling through development and editing. 
The Art Of Framing: How To Ensure The Right Info Gets In Your Proposal
In this video lesson, I explain the simple tactic I use to ensure that the right information gets into proposals, even the projects and the resumes. 

Subconsultant Dentistry: Getting the Best From Your Subs
Here I'll tell you why the typical approach to working with subs is terrible and what to do to get better information from subconsultants and stop wasting your time.  

Core Module: Editing and Finalization

Maximizing Your Per Hour Proposal Output: How To Get More Done In Less Time and Manage Your Time Around Proposals
It is my experience that proposal managers can increase their per hour proposal output. I'm going to show you how, by focusing on three areas, you can do just that.

The Trifecta of Trouble: How To Find Mistakes, Make Edits Correctly, and Ensure Successful Delivery
The majority of mistakes you'll see in proposals are actually added during the editing phase. I'll explain how to catch errors, make other people's edits, and make sure a complete proposal gets to the right person.

And like I said, for the first time ever, I'll open up my vault of proposal management materials to give you lifetime access. Here's some of the things you'll find in the vault:

Tactical Vault: Planning

° Masterclass: Laura Ricci On Implementing Go/No Go Processes
° Go/No Go Form Examples
° Capture Planning Template (Excel File)
° Proposal Software List
° Common Proposal Management Terms
° Proposal Cheat Sheet Form

Tactical Vault: Coordinating and Managing

° Masterclass: Getting The Technical Staff On Your Side With Andy Cushman
° Kick Off Meeting Checklist
° Tools of the Proposal Trade
° Masterclass: Managing With Emotional Intellegence

Tactical Vault: Editing and Finalization

° Masterclass: Managing Your Time Around Proposals With Lindsay Diven
° Common Proposal Mistakes Video

° Proposal Closeout Checklist

Each week, for three weeks, you will receive a new email with a link to the course and vault materials for a new module.

Don’t Take My Word For It

“With the information provided, I was able to finally implement a go/no-go process that we began utilizing immediately this month. It was a very simple and easy to understand program while still offering valuable information. I love the format and look forward to future updates.”

Megan K

“I found I was spending lots of time editing and formatting information I received from sub-consultants. Proposal Management Mastery gave me actionable advice I could take to get better information from subs. By being more specific in my initial requests and implementing kickbacks on insufficient materials, I’m already getting more specific tailored information from our subs. "

Kerry A.

"One word: Superb! I thoroughly enjoyed the content and appreciated the delivery method, very entertaining, engaging and full of good tips, new ideas (at least for me) and great reminders of other core messages. I got something out of every module and appreciate the bonus content in the vaults. I learned a ton and have already begun incorporating a bunch of ideas."

Will C.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In 
Proposal Management Mastery

  • 3 Easy To Understand and Implement Modules Delivered To You Over 3 Weeks
  • 9 High-Definition Video Lessons
  • Unlimited Access To My Vault Of Proposal Management Materials
  • Exclusive Master Classes With The Best In The Business
  • Free Lifetime Access To Future Video Lessons, Masterclasses, and Vault Materials

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I look forward to personally guiding you to proposal management mastery.


Matt Handal